The Dying Light

I am the dying light in the sky, That makes you wonder if you are real, Or if i am all that is left of your existence. And you my darling, are the same to me, But in this lonely darkness, I glow and wonder if I exist, Or if you are all that keeps my light burning. I breathe happieness from your laughter, My light comes from the radience of your skin, I steal my fire from your lips, And when I feel myself burning out, I gaze down upon your joy, And it reignites my essence. You long to touch me, to hold me, And wonder if I can make you feel alive, If I can fill you with heaven. You do not know that when your fingers, Sweep across my skyline, You are filling me instead. You never believed I could love you, With all the fierceness of dragons now dead, You never believed that anyone could love you as I have, As I have and always will. I fill your being as you so too fill mine, And this lonely existence does not seem so sad. I thrive off of your energy and strength, My happiness grows from your smile, My fire burns brighter for you, And you do not know that you feed my soul. I will love you till the last star has died, And the sun is nothing but burning embers, Ready to be a whisp of smoke, And I am all thats left in the universe, To fill you with wonder. I will love you when your old bones, Wither and turn to dust, And ash is all thats left of the mountains, And cracked clay all thats left of the rivers, And a Graveyard lies where there was once an ocean. I will love you beyond that, And lie in the cosmic circles, Dreaming of your warm skin, And how it filled me for eons. I will love you so much that- I will search the universe for your atoms, So I can piece you back together again, And we can create the art of making love. You never believed that someone could love you like that, But you are the light in the world, That makes me know that I exist, That I am not just dying embers, Without you in my arms, I might never have known I could breathe.

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The Way You Love Me

Your laugh, your smile, The way your eyes light up like fire, The autumn warmth staring at me, The gray ring of moonlight, The tender touch at night, The way you love me. Your firmness, your hardness, The way you wont take no sh!t, The way you teach me to be stronger, The Joking, the poking, The way you grab my meat, Like tender steaks to eat, Hungry eyes ready to feast, The way you love me. Your softness, your kindness, Your fingers stroking down my skin, Drawing circles and pulling me close again, The way your eyes look soft in the light, When they dance across my face, The way I feel you watch me as I sleep, Your hands running through my hair, Your arms wrapped around me here, The way you love me. I feel complete.

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Passion Of Eve

And Eve who had never been ashamed of her nakedness,
Who had never had a single fear,
Now knew all the evils that would come into this world,
The poison of the fruit had opened her eyes,
She could seperate neither Good or Truth,
From Wickedness and Lies;
And she loathed her body,
She feared the thought it might give to men,
She knew not the power that it held,
She knew not that her flesh was sacred,
She felt ashamed of her skin,
Seeing that the world would crave perfection,
And knowing not that she was already perfect,
And so she tried to hide,
She covered wounds that were not yet made,
And wept for her daughters yet unborn,
Who would suffer crimes against them that were so wicked it made her skin crawl,
Her soul came alive with the pain,
And it burned as she wept.

To touch a Goddess

Men who can not handle her,
Can not handle her love nor rod,
Lose their minds to madness,
Reduce themselves to human core,
Wild beasts who light fire,
To try to keep her close,
And end up scortched.
Wild fire burns,
Her golden wheat dies,
Just to touch her once,
They let sanity leave their minds.

And the world faded

He couldnt stay away from her, Watching her from afar was not enough, The light touch of her fingers on his, Could send shivers down his spine, He needed to touch her one more time. The star sparkle of her eyes, Like ever changing ocean waves, Consumed his mind taking him, To a place he had never been. He followed her as she wished, A Tiger seeking his Queen, And when she turned into his arms, His heart – for a moment stopped. Hummingbird wings in his chest, Butterflies filling his entire being, He was drifting, falling into her. She pulled him close to her, Two fingers wrapped around his straps, And his head dipped low, His breath – a gasp. Suddenly upon them was desire, Coursing through them like a forest fire, Her lips pressed to his, As if desperate for his air, His lips sought her smooth skin, His fingers craved to touch her hair. Eyes closed, lips pressed, Beneath stars and milky ways, They acted on their love, The world faded away. . .

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Lost in the universe

He kissed her till her lips were brusied, She couldnt get enough, The air from his lungs was the air in hers, And even a gentle brush of his lips against hers, Left her incredibly breathless, Gone were the butterflies and In their place, Danced a million sparkling stars, She swirled down into the universe, Losing herself in every bit of him. He became the sole object in her world, She was hopelessly immersed, And she couldnt be happier about it. This was one hell of a ride, And she was in it without the hope of getting out.

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We were crashing waves

When we touch I turn to sparkling diamonds, I sit in your arms and we float to the heavens, Your soft touch stays on my body, Your lips linger on my skin, I feel the piercing gaze of your eyes, Filled with such tenderness and love, That you make my soul dance. My eyes close – remembering your caress, The way we couldnt move from eachother, Enough we’d say and move to leave, Only to fall back into eachother, Over and over and over again, Like waves crashing against the shore. Fuck, we whisper in the dark, Unable to break the grasp that night has laid on us, God place us in eachothers arms, I want to melt our skin together, Until we cant decide where I begin – and you end.

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